October 10, 2007

First post

Welcome to Shpantzer on Security!

First things first: I'm not a guru/expert/know-it-all... I've just been privileged to be in the presence of great thinkers, movers, shakers, doers, actual gurus/experts...

I'm just a security professional with a desire to share my experience and perspective on timely and important issues in this field. Ideally this blog will generate some great discussions and who knows, some positive changes to our profession's contributions to the risk management field.

Simple enough, right?

I will strive valiantly to avoid unnecesary roughness, over-the-top cynicism and of course, shameless self-promotion.

Actually, I will self-promote, occasionally. I assure you, however, such promotions will be tinged with shame, so no shameless self-promotion after all.


Looking forward to contributing to the security community online and meeting with great people through this new blog.

Gal Shpantzer

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